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We’re out there — the poetry-lovers, the poetry-curious. We may be quiet and even a bit odd, but we are deep souls. We love to write, and we love to poem. Even if we don’t consider ourselves poets.

I began steeping in a poem a day over twenty years ago, when I discovered The Writer’s Almanac. Spending a few minutes with one poem was enough to unstick the daily writer’s block and shake loose words. The practice even helps my journalism sparkle. Now I both begin and end my writing day with poetry. I begin with a poetry collection and a poetry subscription service, and I end with a poetry podcast.

Poetry for Life invites you to let a little poetry into your writing day. Each Wednesday post introduces one poem and invites you to journal through it and write your own in respone.

My name is Megan Willome. I’m a poet, editor, journalist, and author of Rainbow Crow, a picture book with poems about crows, and The Joy of Poetry, a memoir about losing my mom and finding poetry, along with a poetry-adjacent edition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Second soprano. Home is the Texas Hill Country. My day is incomplete without poetry, tea, and a walk in the dark.

Happy poeming!


What’s up with the red teacups? I like coffee!

Confession: My day begins with coffee. Sometimes I need a small cold-brew in the afternoon too. But tea is what I drink when I write. It goes so well with poetry.

My website logo is a leaning stack of red teacups because I drink a lot, a lot of tea. I don’t use fancy china, and I’m not precious about the whole thing. I’m as happy with a teabag as with a fine loose tea. And I love me a big ol’ cup of iced tea, heavily citrused.

Most of all, tea reminds me of my mom.

“I drink tea because of my mother. She had a tea drawer; I have a tea cabinet. Nothing makes me happier than when a friend sends a single teabag in the mail. If Mom were to see my blog, how the entire theme is red teacups, I think she’d take credit.”

- The Joy of Poetry

Hey, Mom. Look what you helped make.

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Why poetry? You might as well ask, Why chocolate?


Megan Willome

Writer, editor, and author of "Rainbow Crow" and "The Joy of Poetry," along with a new edition of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Second soprano. Her day is incomplete without poetry, tea, and a walk in the dark.