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Oh, love this one, Megan! And I love the Stuart Mills poem. It's always the journey that matters: building, writing, even researching (and all its rabbit holes). I'll make some time this week to build a poem on this. (So disappointed I could not make your Tornado workshop ... so buried in research and so forth thru September.)

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This one is so good, Megan! It met me right where I’m at.

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I relate to the "building" of a poem which speaks to the creating of poetry. I especially like the ship metaphor to describe poetry.

Poetry Stream of Consciousness

(What Poetry is to Me)

Poetry is the bridge between my thoughts and feelings and the world.

Poetry is my gift, however big or small, fancy or plain, given to the world.

Poetry is a flower garden, planted, weeded, watered and tended; yielding beauty for all to enjoy.

Poetry is the dreams, thoughts and ideas wrapped up in a package called a poem.

Poetry allows one to work out life on paper before working out things in life.

Poetry is the harvest of words, however bountiful or lean.

Poetry is the art of painting pictures with words carefully, or carelessly, arranged and placed on the page.

Poetry takes letters and puts them together to make words; then takes words and puts them together to make phrases; the phrases become the blocks that connect to make a poem that becomes a dwelling place for our innermost thoughts.

Poetry can be a taste, a sip or a gulp that satisfies the thirst for words’ deepest meanings.

Poetry is a mirror to see oneself and a window to see others.

Poetry is the visceral connection between words which aligns much like the stars align to create a galaxy.

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A field, I think. Of wildflowers. And winged things. And rustling wind. And seeds. Lots of seeds.

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