Nicely nuanced and personally endearing interpretation and reading, thanks, Megan.

A favorite of mine too, the sensuous joy of being alive, GMH could shout that "Eternal Yes" as well as any of us.

Keep on poetrying us, appreciated.

This all reminded me of:

A Room with a View (1985) by James Ivory, Clip: George (Julian Sands) shouts out his credo: Beauty The aesthetic of the Image: [world] cinema clips, June 28, 2023. 1:17

The Image: "Beauty! Liberty! Joy! Love!"Julian Sands climbing that ancient olive tree and shouting out his credo to anyone who will listen - somehow very 'English eccentric'... (and then falls off!)

“He’s declaring the Eternal Yes” Father explaining his son George.


Perfect! Just what I was seeking, thank you! As a poet, along with George and his father, our credo certainly is "THE ETERNAL YES".

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