Meghan, I don't often write poetry in response to poems (though I do often weave poems into the essays I write, and if I've recently read any verse by Ross Gay, I *must* write), but I cannot read poetry quickly. I sit on the same poem, the same page in the collection for days to absorb it. I've rarely finished a book of poetry for that reason, and have long wished I could read poetry more steadily. But not, it is my lot to fall in and swim among the words and images and meanings and to become almost overwhelmed, and therefore be a long time before I'm ready to plunge into another.

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Mar 1, 2023Liked by Megan Willome

It's not you, it's me -

No really, it's not you --

It's me.

Or is it you?

Vulnerability the buzz word dejour,

seems no recompense

we always end up here

and now we know the shortcuts to get here even faster

Is communication the key

Or just another finger picking the scab?

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May 1, 2023Liked by Megan Willome

I was searching for Rosemerry on substack and came across you and your post. Yes, yes and yes again. Loved what you shared so much. Blessed to hear her voice when I read her poetry, as well as be inspired to write as well, however your questions and prompts add a new level of inspiration, thank you! I look forward to diving into your blog and learning more!

Most grateful,


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